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With over 50 years of experience we have created the most comprehensive, yet simple to use kit ever, to host your very own fundraiser or uniquely fun social event!

No finer races available anywhere in the world!

Our Thoroughbred horse races are up-to-date productions shot with five cameras and are available for rental ONLY. Each race features commentary by professional race track announcers and shows the horses parading to the post, loading in the gate, split screen close-ups, horses in the lead graphics, the tote board results, the winning horse in the winner’s circle, slow motion photo finish replays, plus a full graphic and commentary announcing the results of each race.

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Blu-Ray® High Definition Technology

Use our Thoroughbred horse races within a DVD Blu-Ray® player and our races will automatically “up-convert” to look similar in quality to high definition. To achieve true high definition, you must use a DVD Blu-Ray® player connected to a high definition television. This combination will allow you to achieve approximately 1,920 pixels of picture quality.

Our Thoroughbred races in the DVD format also incorporate an important feature called “authoring”. Our authored DVD’s will allow you to access an “on screen menu” that will enable you to navigate from one race to another race. You will also be able to command: play, stop, freeze frame, fast forward, reverse, etc. Use the “menu” button on your DVD’s remove control to enjoy all the available features of your DVD player.

A Wealth of Information is at your fingertips!

Refer to “Understanding Our Services” which will answer many of your questions about using our races for a successful fun or fundraising event. For prices and to place an order, refer to the “Price Listing – Rental Order Form” which may be printed, filled in and mailed to our office. Orders should be placed at least one month prior to your date of use.

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The Concept


Actual horse racing that’s been video taped using five cinematography cameras and narrated from start to finish by many of America's top-rated announcers. We've captured all the suspense and close-up action that will enable your organization to recreate the atmosphere of being at the racetrack. And most importantly, this exciting social and fundraising event is conducted right on your premises! Just imagine the reaction of your audience as they root, cheer, and shout for their favorite horses from the start of the race to the finish line. Without a doubt, everyone will be hanging onto their seats as A Night At The Races® turns your fundraising party into a rousing success.

We rent to your organization action-packed races within a sealed VHS or DVD cartridge. Whatever format you choose, we assure you that nobody knows the winners. Our “Most Popular Racing Kits” contain supplies for 200 players and include Official Race Programs, Mutuel Tickets, Daily Double Tickets, Funny Money, Odds Computation Forms, a Master of Ceremonies Guide, a large Tote Board poster for recording the results of each race as well as easy to understand instructions. Additional supplies may be ordered to accommodate any size audience.

All the supplies that we provide enable your organization to create an exciting audience-participation fun and fundraising social event. Your guests wager funny money on the races and receive a "drawing ticket" or additional funny money if they win a race. At the end of your event a drawing or an auction is held for prizes. The various methods we offer for prize control and distribution make your event even more fun than you could ever imagine!

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We Service Numerous Organizations

A sampling of organizations who use our services include Knights of Columbus, Elks Lodges, American Legion Posts, Moose Lodges, Rotary, Kiwanis, Jaycees, Lions Clubs, Sons of Italy, Bands, Cheerleaders, High School Proms, Boosters, Athletics, Foundations, Associations, Social Clubs, Corporations, Volunteer Fire Depts., Parks and Recreation, Volunteer Ambulance, Parent-Teachers, YMCA, YMHA, Country Clubs, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Colleges and Universities, Military, Condominiums, Conventions, Banquets, Dinner Dances, Churches, Synagogues, Camps, Campgrounds, Resort Hotels, cruise ships and numerous other established groups..

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What You Have To Do
YOUR ORGANIZATION RUNS THE SHOW! You book the hall, get the people together and have a blast recreating a race track atmosphere! A Night At The Races® is a fun-filled and exciting fund-raising event. Your guests will have a chance to "WIN" something, "PLACE" their bets and "SHOW" their skills. Winning prizes has never been so much fun!
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