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  1. Is it legal to host an A Nite At The Races event?
    Yes, A Nite At The Races offers an entertainment event that is NOT to be used for the purpose of illegal gambling. Funny money is to be used and there is to be NO cash at the event.
  2. I heard my state allows non-profit organizations to play with real money if it's for a charity. Is this true?
    Please check with your state and local municipality regarding their rules, regulations and/or permits that may be available and abide by their directives.
  3. How long is each race?
    Each race is an average of 4 minutes. The whole process of guests placing their bets, computing the odds, viewing the race, funny money payouts, etc. varies. Approx. 15-20 minutes per race.
  4. Why does A Nite At The Races NOT accept credit cards?
    A large percentage of our clientele are non-profit organizations. Most do not have credit cards an/or do not provide their credit cards to their volunteers.
  5. Are all the races on one DVD?
    Yes, all of the races are on ONE DVD. In case of emergency, we do enclose a duplicate "Backup" DVD.
  6. I would like to attend an event locally. Can you provide the name of an organization having your event near me?
    I'm sorry, we do not give out any of our client's information. You are welcome to search the internet and look for a local organization publicly advertising an upcoming event on their website.
  7. How do I display/project the DVD for my audience to view?
    There are many options which depend on your audience size. Most use a DVD projector to project onto a screen or large wall. For larger events, audio/visual companies are hired to oversee the event.
  8. Are the races filmed in high definition?
    Unfortunately it is cost prohibitive for us to film the races in hi-def. However, if our DVD is played in a DVD Blu-Ray® player, our races will automatically “up-convert” to look similar in quality to high definition.
  9. I don't need the supplies included within the Racing Kit. Can I rent the DVD only?
    Our races are only available for rent within a Racing Kit. You can request to have items omitted (to save a tree), but the price of the Racing Kit remains the same.
  10. Can I submit my order online? Can I fax my order?
    To avoid duplicate orders, we ask that you mail the Rental Order Form to us with your organization check for payment. First time users of our product must include the First Timer User Letter.
  11. Is A Nite At The Races an approved Armchair Race Equipment Provider in the State of New Jersey?
    Yes! Please click here for more information.
  12. Does A Nite At The Races rent to event companies or party planners?
    Yes! A Nite At The Races now services event companies and party planners!
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