Upon request, there are 1,500 $1.00 Funny Money Bills included within your Racing Kit.  (We do not substitute other denominations in place of the $1.00 bills).  Please keep in mind that you will need to calculate how much Funny Money you will need for your event.

Typically, most organizations give their guests enough Funny Money where they can place at least one bet per race.  If your betting amount is $1.00 and you're running 6 races (and the Daily Double) for WIN only, each guest would receive $7.00 each.  200 Guests x $7.00 in Funny Money each = 1,400 $1.00 bills needed for your event. 


If the same 6 races (& Daily Double) were purchased for a WIN, PLACE, & SHOW Racing Kit, you will need triple that amount (4,200 $1.00 bills).
Funny Money is available for sale in $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, or $10.00 bills. Funny Money is prepackaged 500 bills per denomination and each denomination has its own distinct color to facilitate handling.  


number of guests x number of races = number of BILLS needed
200 x 7 (6 Races plus Daily Double) = 1,400 BILLS needed​​

You will need 1,400 BILLS of whatever denomination
you choose as your betting amount