Whether You're Hosting a Corporate Party or a Social Fundraising Event...

Arrange the Room

Assign Ticket Sellers​​

For your horse racing event, make sure to arrange the room so that everyone can view the horse races without obstruction. Arrange tables for Mutuel Ticket Sellers (who later become Cashier's) on each side of the room. Be sure to arrange seating with aisles down the center for easy access to the Ticket Sellers.
Before the evening begins (or prior to your event) allow the assigned ticket sellers to view the Mutuel Tickets. Give instruction regarding:
  • That tickets are sold for WIN only (unless Place/Show) has been purchased.
  • Numbering of tickets (1-24) used to compute the funny money payout.
  • ONE betting amount (for example, $2.00 funny money bets)
  • If additional games are to be played (Daily Double)

Distribute Race Programs​​

Mutuel Tickets​​

Race Programs and Funny Money are distributed to your guests as they arrive.  ​​ We recommend giving each guest enough Funny Money, so they can place at least ONE bet per race.  For example, If you're having a 10 Race event, and the betting amount is $1.00.  You'll want to give each guest at least $11.00 ($1.00 bet on each of the 10 races AND another $1.00 bet to play the Daily Double).  Feel free to round up and give each guest $15.00 with their Race Programs.  Amount of Funny Money is up to you.  Click here to calculate how much funny money you will need.
A Pre-arranged period of time should be set for the purchase of Mutuel Tickets.  This length of time depends upon the number of guests at your event and the number of ticket sellers.  Typically, an event for 200 guests with 2 ticket sellers will require approximately 15 minutes.  Keep in mind...A Nite At The Races, Inc. is a really social event!  You'll definitely want to have your MC making announcements moving your guests along.  

Announcing the Payoffs

Computing the Odds

Before the race gets underway, the MC will receive the funny money payoff figures from the volunteer who is in charge of computing the odds.  

He will then announce:  "Ladies and Gentlemen, here are the payoffs for the 1st Race!  If Entry #1 wins, it will pay _____.  If Entry #2 wins, it will pay ____, etc."
It's simple to compute the funny money payoffs for each race.  For each race, the MC will announce a last call before  the "Mutuel Windows" are declared closed.  It's at this point that your volunteer who has been assigned to "Compute the Odds" will take over.  Prior to viewing the race, they will use our Ticket Computation (Control) Sheet to calculate the funny money payout for each and every horse.  Don't worry, we include easy to follow instructions with each Racing Kit.  

Funny Money Payoffs

View DVD Horse Race

Those holding winning tickets go to the Cashier (often, formerly a ticket seller) and collect their funny money winnings.  After all the winning tickets have been redeemed, the MC announces that the "Mutuel Windows" are now open for the 2nd Race.  The same procedure is followed throughout the remainder of the program.
After the funny money payoff figures have been announced, the lights are dimmed and the DVD is played. You will first see the field of entries parading to the post and lining up at the starting gate.  A thrilling race is then viewed in natural beautiful color.  To add to the mounting excitement, the announcer at the trace will be heard calling the positions of the horses as they race to the finish line.  Number Narration Kits ~ Horses are called by their saddlecloth number only.  Past Performance Kits ~ Horses are called by their actual names.  

As the entries are pounding their way to the finish, you will clearly see the order of finish.  In races where it is difficult to determine the winner, the actual photo-finish pictures taken at the track are displayed for the audience.  The order of finish is also displayed on screen. The lights are then turned on and the MC repeats the official winner and announces the amount of the funny money payoff.
A Nite At The Races, LLC.,  offers an entertainment event that is not to be used for the purpose of illegal gambling.

If your organization intends to use "cash" for fund-raising, or hold "raffles" please check with your state and local municipality regarding their rules, regulations and/or permits that may be available and abide by their directives. 



Approximately six volunteers can run the entire show!

  • Two Mutuel Ticket Sellers/Cashier's*
  • Master of Ceremonies

  • DVD operator
  • Daily Double Ticket Seller*
  • Greeter(s) to distribute Race Programs/Funny Money

  • Oddmaker
    (to compute the odds)

* For an event of 200 guests or less, the two Mutuel Ticket Sellers often serve as Cashiers
and can distribute Daily Double Tickets as well.